"The Bachelorette" is down to the final three -- Chris L., Frank and Roberto -- who are heading to Tahiti for romantic days and steamy nights in the tropical paradise. And if the guys are lucky, Ali Fedotowsky will offer them the key to the Fantasy Suite for an overnight date.

But Frank throws a monkey wrench into the plans. He says, "As I am falling in love with Ali, I might still be in love with [my ex-girlfriend] Nicole. It is killing me that I have feelings for two girls. I need to go to Chicago and find out if I still have feelings for Nicole."

Frank says he hasn't talked to Nicole in months and he isn't sure if she will still care about him, but he knows he needs to see her in order to make a decision. If he moves forward with Ali, he needs to make sure his heart is 100 percent committed to her.

"This is a pivotal moment in my life and it is going to change everything," Frank says.

When Frank finds Nicole, he tells her that he found himself thinking about her at night, even after having had a great date with Ali. He tells her that he thinks that means something. He wants to see if they have the same spark that they had before their breakup to help him make his decision.

To which Nicole responds, "Without you I am not happy. I am not complete."

"I think today is when I realized that I want to be with Nicole for the rest of my life," Frank says. "I feel that everything I have ever done has led to this moment and paid off. I think I am going to live with her happily ever after and that is what I wanted."

But Frank knows that he can't move ahead with Nicole without telling Ali about his decision. "This is bittersweet because I am happy I found love with Nicole, but at the cost of hurting someone I care about," he says.

Before Frank has a chance to do that, Ali has her date with Roberto, which begins with -- what else -- a helicopter ride.

"This is what life is about to enjoy moments like this," Roberto says.

The helicopter lands on a private island with a heart-shaped lagoon, where the couple swims and picnics.

"Roberto makes me feel protected," Ali says. "He is genuine, real and caring. He radiates love and life. I think if I ended up with Roberto, I would live a wonderful life."

Roberto reveals that he is struggling with being open about his feelings. He says, "Every time I see Ali, the feelings get stronger. I have never had feelings develop this fast. I have never been a guy with an open heart. It is scary because there are other guys still out there. I want to know that my feelings are reciprocated."

That night Roberto and Ali share a romantic dinner, where they also share their feelings. He tells her that it is important that she knows that he is falling in love with her in case it is the last time he sees her.

After his pretty speech, Ali offers Roberto the key to the Fantasy Suite, saying, "I want to spend as much time with you as possible."

Then it was time for Ali's date with Chris L. The two met on the dock and then took a dreamy boat ride.

"Here I am in Tahiti where I could end up proposing to Ali," Chris says. "When I am with Ali, it is easy to forget about everything. Nothing else matters. All I see is her. She is an incredible girl … someone I could spend the rest of my life with."

The two jump off the boat and make their way to an island, where they search for pearls in an oyster bed.

"Because Chris and I took longer to have that romantic spark between us, I feel we are making up for lost time," Ali says.

She also says she is enjoying the feelings she is having for Chris because it is romantic and passionate and she wants to be with him, but at the same time, she is laughing and having a good time.

That night, over a romantic dinner on a private island, Chris says, "You can't go through live without telling the people you care about most how you feel about them." Then he tells her, "I can really see myself with you."

When Ali offers Chris the key to the Fantasy Suite, he jumps at the opportunity, saying, "I love this girl 100 percent and I don't want to be away from her."

Finally, Frank arrives in Tahiti, but before he talks to Ali, he has a sit down with "The Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison. He explains the situation to Chris, telling him that he can't give Ali all that she deserves when his heart is with Nicole. When Chris asks Frank how he left things with Nicole, Frank says, "I told Nicole that I am in love with her."

Chris tells Frank he is blown away, because the last time he saw Frank everything was great between Ali and him. Chris cautions Frank that when he tells Ali about Nicole, she will be in an emotional turmoil.

Ali shows up at Frank's bungalow and she is really excited. She has been missing him and they are supposed to spend a romantic day sailing together. But she can tell something is wrong when he says, "We have to talk."

It takes Frank a while to begin, and Ali is in tears before Frank finally says, "We have had an awesome connection from the beginning. I was crazy about you from the beginning. Every time I saw you, my feelings got stronger and I was falling for you, but there was something holding me back. Basically, it was unresolved feelings for an ex-girlfriend. For a while, I was thinking, 'Those feelings are just thoughts; they don't mean anything.' It wasn't until the hometown date when my family loved you and we had an amazing day and I watched you driving away that I realized I had to figure out these feelings that were eating away at me. Before I came to Tahiti, I went to Chicago to see Nicole. I thought if I saw her, I would get closure and I could give everything I have to you. The second I saw her, all the old feelings came rushing back."

Ali is shocked. She never expected this of Frank. She tells him, "I can not believe it. I was so excited to see you. I feel like every second I had, I used to make you feel good. As much as I tried to reassure you, you kept pulling [away]."

Frank tries to tell her he didn't know sooner, but she says, "I think it is so selfish of you to have done this. I have given up everything to be here."

He says, "I gave up everything to be here, too."

And she pointedly says, "Apparently, not everything."

Ali hugs Frank goodbye and goes to sit on the beach, where Chris finds her. She tells him that she think what Frank did was cowardly. And she adds, "It put me in a place that makes me feel weak. This always happens to me."

Chris encourages her to go back to her room and relax. As she walks, she says, "I did not see this coming. I was so looking forward to falling in love with Frank today. I never thought he would hurt me in this way. I don't understand. If there was another girl, why didn't he tell me? I feel like he is the biggest jerk I have ever known. I have been saying that Frank is everything I wanted in a guy. I thought going into meeting my family, Frank was going to be there."

The next morning Ali is still sad, but she is more scared. She says, "I thought that Frank could be right for me. To think that and be so wrong, it scares me that I don't know what I want. Not because I think Frank was the right guy for me, because, obviously, he was not. Then I remembered a quote that my best friend sent me: 'Mo one can make you feel inferior without your consent.' I felt bad about myself for a while. But, even if Frank was here right now, I would say, 'Too late.'"

Then it is time for the rose ceremony and Ali tells Chris she still wants to have it because "I have said all along, this isn't about me giving a rose, it is about [the guys] accepting them. I need to hear that from them. "I am at a point now that I need to know these guys want to be with me wholeheartedly. I need them to know that they are not here by default. My biggest fear coming into this was I would fall for someone who wouldn't love me back. It is crucial that I make it clear to these guys that if they accept a rose today, they are committing to me."

Both Chris L. and Roberto accepted Ali's rose.

Next week "The Bachelorette: Men Tell All" airs at 8 p.m. on ABC, and in two weeks the finale takes place in Bora Bora when Ali will make her final decision between Roberto and Chris L.

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