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Jennifer Aniston's love life has been awfully quiet lately. Too quiet, at least for Grazia magazine, which has decided to pair her up with a former (and future) co-star.

The mag claims that the ex Mrs. Brad Pitt's longtime search for an adult stable male has yielded adorable fruit in the form of "SNL" regular Jason Sudeikis, who shared the screen with her in "The Bounty Hunter" and just signed on to appear in her forthcoming flick "Horrible Bosses."

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"She finds him hilarious," bubbles a source. "He is just what Jen needs: a solid, low-key, funny man. It's early days, but she's quietly thrilled."


The story goes that Aniston, 41, hit it off with Sudeikis, 34, on the "Bounty Hunter" set, but he was married at the time (to Kay Cannon, a writer on "30 Rock," on which he's had a recurring role as Floyd, Liz Lemon's only normal boyfriend), so they kept things strictly professional. But when his relationship suffered a meltdown several months later, she allegedly offered him one of her enviably toned shoulders to lean on.

"When Jen found out he was going through a breakup late last year, she made the effort to invite Jason over for dinner in case he was feeling lonely or down," continues the snitch. "They talked for hours and really opened up to each other. After a while, Jen realized she missed him in between dates."

That sure sounds cozy. And for us armchair matchmakers, Aniston and Sudeikis do seem like they'd be kinda cute together.

Alas, it appears the tale of their extended, soul-baring tête-à-têtes has as much substance as that salad Jen ate every day for a decade.

"She is not dating Jason," Aniston's rep tells Wonderwall. "[She] hasn't even seen him since 'The Bounty.'"

Production on the movie wrapped in September 2009.

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Jen was last linked to "Bounty" leading man Gerard Butler, who was snapped groping her quarter-bouncing derriere while they promoted the action flick in Paris back in March (he repeatedly denied they were an item).

In recent weeks, Aniston has been in Hawaii (and in a teeny pink bikini) while filming Adam Sandler's "Just Go With It."

Also starring in the romantic comedy: Nicole Kidman, who In Touch claims is trying to broker a reunion between Jen and repeat ex John Mayer, the new duet partner of the smooth-skinned Oscar winner's country crooner husband, Keith Urban. But that's a dubious romance rumor for another day.

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Are you an armchair matchmaker, too? Who do you think Jen should date? Tell us in the comments.

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