Walik Goshorn / Retna Ltd.
Walik Goshorn / Retna Ltd.

Two years ago, rapper G. Dep -- aka "Ghetto Dependent," or his given name, Trevell Coleman -- admitted to a murder he committed in 1993. As he gears up to begin his 15 year jail sentence, G. Dep has no regrets about turning himself in.

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He told the New York Post: "Maybe at the end of serving time or after looking back, someone might feel differently. But now I feel what I did was right."

Back in 1993, G. Dep was 18 years old when he mugged a stranger. The victim, John Henkel, fought back and G Dep shot at him several times before running off. Henkel later died from his wounds inflicted by G Dep.

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During the course of the police investigation, G. Dep was never a suspect. He went on to partner up with Diddy and eventually released his solo album in 2001. While enjoying the success of his rap career, G. Dep was reportedly arrested 25 times for various things, including burglary, drug possession and grand larceny.

But after dealing with the guilt from his actions, the rapper finally turned himself into a New York police station in 2009.

G. Dep's wife and three children -- an 11 year old daughter, and twin 5 year old boys -- have supported his decision to turn himself in and accept responsibility for his actions.

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