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Newspix / Rex USA 1 / 13

Gabrielle Union has laughed off reports suggesting she is set to wed basketball star Dwyane Wade this weekend.

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The actress, who has been dating the Miami Heat player since 2009, isn't even engaged to Wade, but that hasn't stopped a gossiping radio DJ from spreading false rumors about an impending wedding.

In a series of Twitter posts, she writes, "LMAO! RADIO said im gettin married this weekend! Claims a 'credible source' ummm I guess the source didn't know I WORK this weekend."

Union is surprised the DJ didn't bother to check the tip with her publicists before running with it on-air and has warned fans not to "believe everything you hear/read."

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She adds, "Ppl want attention 4 being 'in the know' but really haven't a clue. truthmatters 'Credible Source'= person with low self esteem & desperate for attention... So much easier to fact check B4 you run w/ a lie."

Despite the lack of an engagement ring or a wedding date, the romance between the actress and Wade still appears to be hot. She cooed over a Valentine's Day tweet from her man on Thursday, writing, "this guy right here... swoon... Happy Valentine's Day @dwyanewade! This day is cool but I'm grateful you MakeEveryDayCount."

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