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Remember how we recently discussed the folly of making public declarations of schmoopiness on social media? That goes double for Aaron Carter. The bankruptcy-filing former pop star, 26, appears to be waging a Twitter campaign to woo back long-ago love Hilary Duff, who amicably split from her hockey player husband, Mike Comrie, in January.

On Tuesday, Carter retweeted a photo of Duff that called her "flawless"; a day later, he proclaimed true love.

"Don't be that stupid [rhymes with 'whoosh'] that loses the love of your life forever. Like me…," he sighed. "I'll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don't care what ANY of you think."

He then added, "That tweet just gave me an anxiety attack."

When a fan asked if he was talking about Duff, a candid Carter responded, "Sure am."

For those not up on gossip from the early oughts, Aaron dated Hilary at the same time that he was seeing Lindsay Lohan (around 2002-2003). The love triangle led the starlets into a public feud.

"I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday," he once explained to Donny Deutsch. "I was dating her for like a year-and-a-half and then I just got a little bored so I went and started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay."

This isn't the first time Aaron has tweeted his supposedly steadfast devotion to Duff. After news of Hilary's split broke, he posted, "I can't even think right now....."

A fan helpfully pointed out that she "is not going to get back with you," which reportedly prompted a private exchange in which he said, "It's just I've been waiting for her for like half my life now. … She might not ever give me a chance again. I can only pray and try to be a good man."

Three months earlier, Carter tweeted a photo showing them during their romantic heyday. The caption: "Yup, I definitely loved this girl."

No word on whether Duff has experienced an over-the-top eye roll at Carter's shenanigans, but she seems unlikely to revisit their teenage attachment. For now, she's concentrating on 22-month-old son Luca, getting her career back in gear and maintaining a friendly relationship with Comrie.