David Fisher / Rex USA 1 / 17
David Fisher / Rex USA 1 / 17

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed last month that he's still hoping to reconcile with estranged wife Maria Shriver. But dining al fresco with a much younger lady might not be the best way to facilitate such a reunion.

Last Friday in Santa Monica, the former governor and sometime two-timer, 65, was snapped laughing and chatting over a cozy dinner with a blond identified by the New York Daily News as Heather Milligan, 38, a physical therapist who counts several professional athletes among her clientele.

They were also seen the following day driving around Brentwood and grabbing brunch (see pics here).

The two have plenty in common, what with Milligan dedicating her professional life to physical fitness and Ahnuld achieving stardom by lifting heavy objects with his rippling, Mr. Universe-approved muscles.

Another plus: Milligan appears to be discreet. She deleted a birthday tweet she sent to the actor last July, and when the Daily News called her for comment on the hookup rumors, a receptionist at her Westchester, Calif., practice explained, "She's not going to make herself available. She's not going to talk."

Schwarzenegger's 25-year marriage to Shriver hit the skids in May 2011 amid revelations that he'd fathered a son with the family's housekeeper.

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