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Long distance proved the wrong distance for David Arquette, who announced on Tuesday night that he's back in the dating pool after ending his bicoastal romance with entertainment reporter Christina McLarty.

"Sadly I'm single again," tweeted the actor-cum-former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant. "A long distance relationship proved to be too difficult."

The pair began dating last summer, but with Arquette based in Los Angeles and McLarty working out of New York, together-time was at a premium. They tried never to go more than two weeks without seeing each another.

"We're serious," he told E! News in January. "But we're having fun."

McLarty, who was not-quite-legally married to execrable "Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis for less than two months in 2010, gushed to the Huffington Post a few weeks back, "It's wonderful. I love him."

This was Arquette's first serious relationship since his October 2010 split from Courteney Cox after 11 years of marriage.

"I met her. She's really nice, she's really pretty," the "Cougar Town" star recently told Howard Stern of McLarty. "She had a good sense of humor. ... [She's] very tall; I'm not. Very young; I'm not."

And even though Courteney and David have had one of the most amicable breakups in Hollywood history (and still aren't officially divorced), a reunion probably isn't in the cards, at least not right now.

"The truth of the matter is that we love each other so much," explained Cox, who shares custody of 7-year-old daughter Coco with Arquette. "We have such affection for each other, but we are very different. I'm a homebody. ... David, he doesn't drink anymore, he's completely sober, but he likes to go out and dance. He really is a very gregarious guy. He's very outgoing. I'm much more of an introvert."

Concluded Courteney, "There's a huge part of my life with David, no question, but I feel like right now our relationship is probably better than it would be if we lived together. It's definitely better than it used to be."


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