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Demi Moore has remained out of sight in the wake of her Jan. 23 hospitalization, but her two famous exes surfaced separately this week outside her Los Angeles home.

On Wednesday, paparazzi spotted Ashton Kutcher heading into her estate, a visit that came a few hours after Bruce Willis also turned up.

Both men are said to be lending support to the 49-year-old actress as she tries to deal with her issues, which culminated with a frantic 911 call after she reportedly suffered convulsions following her alleged use of whip-its and an "incense"-like substance.

Let's start with Willis, who has three daughters with Demi: Scout, 20, Tallulah, 18, and Rumer, 23, who was apparently with her mom on the night of her health drama.

"Right before Demi and Ashton separated [in November], Bruce went over to Demi's house to ask her to get help," a Moore source tells People. "He was worried about her and wanted her to get better. Many of her friends did the same thing, but she just wouldn't listen."

Bruce, who is expecting an imminent stork delivery with wife Emma Heming, "has been very worried about Demi for some time, like many of us," an insider adds to the Chicago Sun-Times. "And he's truly stepped up to the plate in the past week."

Word is, Rumer and Tallulah are staying with their dad while Demi recovers (Scout is away at college).

As for Kutcher, who was whooping it up in Brazil when Moore was hospitalized, he has supposedly been offering his estranged missus some spiritual help.

"Ashton and Demi have been praying together at her house, and he mainly just wants to provide comfort to her right now," a source explains to Radar Online of the Kabbalah-devoted pair. "This absolutely isn't a reconciliation, but there is still a lot of love there, and he would never turn his back on her. It's just not who Ashton is."

Moore appears to need all the assistance she can get right now. According to People, paramedics who responded to the 911 call initially thought the "bone-thin," "out of it" star "was a cancer patient who had smoked to relieve her bad symptoms," says a source.

Both People and the Chicago Sun-Times claim Demi has been downing Red Bull and little else, and TMZ reports that the energy drink was her refreshment of choice while partying with daughter Rumer at a Jan. 14 party thrown by her "LOL" co-star Miley Cyrus for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's 22nd birthday.

This was the same bash at which Miley was photographed jokingly chowing down on penis-shaped birthday cake.

Demi, a confidant posits to People, "was always fixated on being young. And the only thing that tied her to that, as she got older, was her marriage to a younger guy and hanging around young people."

A spy close to Demi's inner circle tells the mag she's "embarrassed that her issues got out" because, for the age-defying actress, "appearances are paramount. What people think of her and how she comes across is so important to her, so this is devastating."


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