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Say what you will about George Clooney's romantic entanglements, but at least he's up front about what he's looking for (fun without commitment) and tends toward discretion. Which is why it's so strange that in the wake of his breakup with Stacy Keibler, stories are a-flying about who did the dumping (supposedly she did, because she "wants to have children and a family someday") and their alleged sex drought due to schedule conflicts.

Now comes a different version courtesy of the New York Post, which says it was the A-lister who pulled the plug on the two-year relationship, calling Keibler last month to ask her to start moving out of his Los Angeles home.

But in a "you can't fire me because I quit" move, a source insists to the paper that Stacy was ready to eighty-six Clooney anyway and had been "planning to move out for a while."

"When she knew she wanted to end things with George, she started looking for a new place," explains the spy. "He has never asked her to move out. She's been very actively looking for the past few weeks."

The insider also pooh-poohed speculation that the former wrestler turned "Supermarket Swap" host wants to have kids: "Clearly that's not where her head is right now -- she lives in the moment."

And the moment has been very, very lucrative. The Post estimates that she's amassed $10 million from various promotional fees thanks to her connection with Clooney.

The Oscar winner is currently relaxing at his villa in Lake Como, Italy, and he apparently handled the split like a pro. "He was very respectful, adult about the situation," a spy tells TMZ, "and they discussed the fact that they were friends before they dated and want to stay friends after."


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