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What will it take to get Amanda Bynes off the road? As we anxiously await the seemingly inevitable accident that will injure her and/or an innocent party, the vehicular menace continues to cruise around Los Angeles with neither a care nor a license, which was recently suspended.

Bynes, 26, was at it again on Thursday night, just hours after a judge ordered her to stop driving without a valid license (something us lesser folks typically do without requiring a court order).

The actress, who has racked up a DUI arrest and several alleged hit-and-runs in recent months, hopped into her BMW and proceeded to bump the rear fender of another car as she pulled out of a parking lot (TMZ has the video).

The contact apparently left "little or no damage," and it occurred as Amanda "was attempting to cover her face" (yes, while behind the wheel) from swarming paparazzi, who two days earlier captured her toking on a mystery substance while motoring "aimlessly" around town. The other driver briefly climbed out of her car but it appears no information was exchanged.

"The public should be afraid of her," an unidentified patrol officer tells TMZ. "If she's not stopped, she's gonna kill someone."

Adds another, "She's addicted to something and she's driving a deadly weapon and is going to kill someone. It scares the s--- out of me."

Police apparently missed the chance to haul Bynes in after she was pulled over on Sunday night for driving without her headlights. She was issued a verbal warning and allowed to carry on.

"Amanda is refusing to go to rehab or seek any form of psychiatric treatment or diagnosis, because it's clear something is up with her," a "close pal" tells Radar Online. "She's obviously crying out for help, but isn't ready to receive it. … She really doesn't seem to be in touch with reality."


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