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For Hugh Hefner, cozying up to buxom, exhibitionist blondes who are an entire AARP member younger than he is makes life worth living. And it seems the 85-year-old Playboy mogul still has some living to do.

Just days after Crystal Harris called off of their June 18 nuptials, Hef has promoted 25-year-old Anna Sophia Berglund (better known to Playboy readers as Miss January 2011) to No. 1 girlfriend status, says TMZ.

"It's clear Hef has moved on to Anna," relays a source.

"The one who has been the most supportive is Anna," Hef tweeted late last week of his apparent new squeeze, who is 24 whole days older than Harris. "She didn't see this coming either, and she's Crystal's best friend." (Click through the pics to see Anna palling around with Hugh and Crystal.)

Berglund, whose turn-offs include "a man who's less than a gentleman," has supposedly settled into Hef's digs at the Playboy Mansion and had no problem "cuddling and kissing" him during a Mansion-set movie night a few days back.

Oh, and they call each other "babe," which presumably makes it easier for the octogenarian lady-killer since he doesn't have to remember actual names of the many look-alike blondes.

"After all is said and done, staying single is probably the best. I think I just missed a bullet," Hef tweeted on Sunday, adding, "Crystal came by to see how I've been doing. We remain close friends."

But could Hef's insta-rebound be a business decision?

"The entire Playboy brand has been built on his shoulders," a source tells PopEater. "The image of an old man sitting at home brokenhearted is bad for business. Hugh knows that what's best for the brand is for him to start dating again no matter how much pain he is in."

As for Crystal, she spent her would-be wedding day in a bikini, warming up her cold feet at a Las Vegas pool party with Heidi Montag.

She also received a smack-down from Hef's former main squeeze.

"That's a new low!" an irate Holly Madison tweeted of Harris' Sin City shindig, before ranting, "That's disgusting, and whoever booked her is tacky."

Crystal must have been feeling the backlash, because she sniffled on Twitter, "Hard times show your real friends...," prompting Holly to snipe, "No, they show HEF's real friends..."

But Harris, who graces the latest Playboy cover as Mrs. Crystal Hefner, with her partially nekkid form hidden beneath a "Runaway Bride" sticker, assures E! News that the breakup was "a mutual decision between the both of us."

"I wanted to be true to myself and be true to what was best for everybody," she explains. "I'm giving Hef back the ring. … I just want to move forward."


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