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In the midst of romantic turmoil, some of us might curl up with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and watch a "Cheaters" marathon. But that would probably be too prosaic for Lady Gaga, who worked through an apparent romantic hiccup by singing her monster-loving heart out inside a tank of slimy goo and slipping on a typically crazy-looking wedding gown.

It all went down in London this week during her appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," where Lady G announced her single status in between performing "Born This Way" and "Judas."

When asked about her love life, the popster, who reconciled with ex-boyfriend Luc Carl last summer after parting ways several years before, insisted she's currently flying solo.

"I'm not dating. No, there's no boyfriend," she said while seated in a Carmen Miranda-marries-Tim Burton ensemble alongside fellow guest Gwyneth Paltrow. "No, I'm miserably pathetic in my wedding dress."

Any prospects?

"I haven't been on any dates recently because I have been working so hard," explains Gaga, "and I get very bored very quickly with men."

But maybe not that quickly.

Despite declaring herself a singleton, she had love on her mind during a post-interview performance at hot spot Annabel's.

In front of a small, packed crowd that included Kate Moss, Florence Welch and will.i.am, Gaga dedicated her ditty "You and I" to her "boyfriend."

The song's lyrics include the lines, "I'll give anything again to be your baby doll. Yeah, this time I'm not leaving without you."

Gaga's contradictory romantic statements come on the heels of reports that Carl has been on the receiving end of a smear campaign in his Brooklyn neighborhood, where someone has been tacking up posters urging him to leave his famous flame.

Among the messages: "Luc she doesn't love you/ she just trust others less! Wake up! Y else would she dump U on the way up but take U back once she made it?"

Whatever the state of her relationship, Lady G isn't easing up on the punishing schedule of her continent-hopping world tour.

The London Mirror says she looked exhausted as she returned to her London hotel, where she's said to be holed up in a $13,000-a-night suite that she had draped in white Egyptian cotton sheets and festooned with lilies.

"I'm so weary," she reportedly told her bodyguard as they entered the deluxe digs. "I just need a rest."

According to a spy, "Gaga looked incredibly drawn and pale. She's been jetting all round the world -- America and Mexico, France and now London this week alone. She didn't want to pose for photos because she was so tired, but she let us get autographs and photos anyway. She said she'd never not give time to her monsters. But her voice was really croaky. It was disturbing."


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