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Halle Berry and her ex, Gabriel Aubry, are set to square off in court on Monday over custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, but it looks like steps are already being taken to minimize the fallout of their bitter, ongoing battle.

The actress, 45, is seeking to cut off the Canadian model's contact with Nahla amid allegations that he pushed the nanny while she was holding the tot, a charge he denies.

TMZ says that Aubry has agreed to take anger management classes after meeting with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services last week.

But he's also taking measures to ensure the nanny, Alliance Kamdem, stays out of his personal space. TMZ claims he's asked for a restraining order against her because he believes she's concocting accusations to "curry favor" with Berry, who pays her salary. The caretaker's request for a similar stay-away order was recently denied.

To the DCFS's credit, the agency has apparently realized the real victim in this he-said she-said mess is Nahla. According to TMZ, they've recommended that the tyke go into counseling and, per Radar Online, have also suggested that both Halle and Gabriel take parenting classes, a decision reportedly reached following a joint interview on Friday.

The purpose of the meeting "was to get these two in the same room and recognize that all of this fighting is hurting their daughter," an insider tells Radar. "The report recommends that Halle and Gabriel attend parenting classes together, so that they can co-parent Nahla together. The classes will give them the tools to work through their issues and hopefully become better parents for it."

The pro-Aubry source adds that the DCFS investigation will "remain open while Gabriel and Halle take the parenting classes and to ensure that Nahla's safety and well-being continue. Gabriel absolutely wants to work with Halle, and that hasn't happened, so he is hopeful that can happen now. Of course, Gabe doesn't like being accused of hurting his child or anyone, but he knows the truth and that he didn't do anything the nanny has accused him of. He wants to take this negative and turn it into a positive so that he can be the best father for Nahla."

Halle, for her part, didn't let on that anything was amiss during a conveniently paparazzi-captured outing this weekend with maybe-fiancé Olivier Martinez, who doted on Nahla as they played on a Malibu beach.

The actress, who is on crutches after injuring her right foot, smiled as she sat nearby, showing off a cast decorated with Nahla's name.


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