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Justin Bieber might want to look into renting a remote mountain cabin for a while, because mixing with the world at large isn't working out so well for him. On Friday afternoon, the trouble-attracting popster, 19, found himself detained for several hours while his Canada-originating private plane was searched for drugs upon landing at New Jersey's Teterboro Airport, report the New York Post and TMZ.

Sources say U.S. customs officials "detected what was described as a strong odor of pot" emanating from his aircraft.

Bieber, who had reportedly flown to New Jersey from Toronto with his dad, Jeremy, and ten or so pals to hit the Super Bowl party circuit, was taken into a holding area as drug-sniffing dogs checked out the jet, the passengers and their luggage.

"He came in, the jet smelled like weed," a source tells the Post. "They were doing preliminary security checks that they don't usually do as Teterboro is usually pretty relaxed, but because of the Super Bowl, they are doing more security checks."

According to the paper, customs officials searched for more than an hour without finding any contraband (of the Mary Jane variety or otherwise, although the canines apparently smelled something). Bieber and his entourage were then released.

The search comes on the heels of an avalanche of legal trouble for the Biebs, including a DUI arrest in Miami, an assault charge in Toronto and an alleged egg-tossing incident at his home in Calabasas, Calif.


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