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Is Katy Perry's together-time with French model Baptiste Giabiconi a budding romance or a mutually beneficial PR arrangement? You be the judge.

According to the New York Post, the Smurf-coiffed popster, 27, and the pouty-lipped muse of Karl Lagerfeld, 22, are "heating up" following their recent camera-captured outings in Paris.

"It's new," Giabiconi's loose-lipped rep tells the paper. "They're feeling it out, but they're spending a lot of time together."

For Katy, the connection means having a handsome guy by her side in the wake of her split from Russell Brand, who is seeing a model of his own. And what's in it for Baptiste, besides unlimited access to Perry's treasure trove of gravity-defying hair-styling products? A massive career boost, for starters.

"He's considering moving to L.A., at least for some time," adds his mouthpiece, who conveniently mentions that, in addition to posing (he's often billed as "the highest-paid male model in the world"), Baptiste is also a singer (see him warbling and showing off his cheekbones here).

Alas, Baptiste's rep pushes the bounds of believability by overselling, "When it comes to having a real-hot man to escort her around, you can't go wrong with Baptiste Giabiconi."

Uh-huh. The model has brushed off whispers linking him to couturier-cum-Death Eater Lagerfeld, and he and Perry apparently looked "cute" as they hung out this week in Paris.

Us Weekly, however, got a "strictly platonic vibe" from the twosome during the three-hour train ride they took from London to Paris on Monday.

"They were all chatting away like best friends -- looking at magazines, looking out the window, just relaxing," says a source. "They just looked like two people traveling with a group of friends."


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