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Oh, Courtney Love, will you never learn? A month after she ponied up $430,000 to settle a tweet-based defamation lawsuit, she's at it again.

In a video Q&A session on VYou, the widow Cobain launched an attack against Kelly Osbourne over an alleged insult issued on E!'s "Fashion Police."

"Two days ago, my sister texted me and said that Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers called me a crackhead on the E! Channel," Love stated in her typically rambling, stream-of-somewhat-consciousness way. "And Kelly knows I've been sober. Kelly knows there's no drugs allowed at my house."

Fumed Courtney, "I think it's really, really, really lame. I'm eccentric, I wear wacky [bleeping] hats."

Thing is, it doesn't appear that Kelly or Joan made the crack reference. Rivers' most recent Love potshot seems to be a relatively mild dig at her zebra-print purse.

"Look at that bag!" zinged Joan. "If you'd taken as many animal tranquilizers as Courtney has, you'd carry around a zebra first-aid kit, too."

Kelly, for her part, tends to keep her commentary on the less nasty side.

Courtney, however, was on a roll, and there was no stopping her. Among her claims: That she helped Kelly cheat death not once but twice in a scene some are comparing to the adrenaline-shot-to-the-heart moment in "Pulp Fiction."

"I've saved her life twice … physically, CPR, putting things her into her boobs," contends Love, before seemingly implying that the rehabbed starlet was on "Oxycontin, coke, [and] foaming at the mouth."

Kelly's rep did not respond to our request for comment on Courtney's statements.

Love's rant began with a fan question about the length of her self-proclaimed sobriety, which she claims dates back to October 2005. Of course, sobriety is a fluid term in C.Love's world.

"Other than Adderall, I take a drug called Sonata … I [also] take Abilify," listed the veteran rocker. "I drank rosé this year, I had a bump. I thought I was gonna die."

Don't get the wrong idea, though.

"I do take my program seriously," insists Love. "I've never finished a beer in my life. I can count on my hands how many times I've been drunk in my entire life. I've been drunk this year more times -- six times -- than I have in my entire life."

But back to the topic at hand.

"Kelly and me get along great ... but it's gross," concluded Courtney, who previously tussled with Osbourne's mom, Sharon. "I don't like being the punch line for drugs when I don't do them, so stop it!"

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