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Denial fits Lindsay Lohan like a pair of comfy shoes. It wraps her up like a soft blankie and comforts her like a childhood teddy bear. And so it was this week, when her lawyer sent an angry letter to FOX News (via TMZ) denying an assertion made by an on-air commentator that the recidivist starlet had taken drugs with her mother, Dina Lohan.

In the missive to network head Roger Ailes, attorney Mark Heller railed over a recent "Great American Panel" segment with Sean Hannity after a panelist made an "outrageously slanderous … blatantly false, malicious, defamatory and reckless statement" about Lindsay, namely that her "mom is doing cocaine with her."

The panel, which was discussing celebrity substance abuse issues and overdoses pegged to the recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, also apparently tried to "maliciously foreshadow to the viewers that commentators could 'see it coming' … that a celebrity such as Lindsay Lohan might inevitably become the next icon to join the infamous obituary list."

Heller wants the "immediate broadcast and publication of an apology and retraction, in as prominent a broadcast and publication fashion as the original … in order to try to mitigate the substantial damages."

He also laid the drama on thick by noting that the "irresponsible, thoughtless and insensitive media regurgitation no doubt contributes to the emotional weakening of these victims and pushes them further into the dark tunnel from which there is no return."

Lindsay has acknowledged doing cocaine "10 to 15 times," but she and Dina have both denied accusations made by the actress' father, Michael Lohan, that they did it together.

Speaking of Michael, he took time out from his own domestic issues to talk to the New York Daily News about how his daughter is getting her life in order, an optimistic announcement that's been floated repeatedly during her various rehab stints and legal scrapes.

He claims that Lindsay is cleaning up her act ahead of her role in the thriller "Inconceivable" by avoiding bad influences and hunkering down in her Manhattan apartment.

Says Michael, "She's cut the bad friends out of her life and is taking this seriously."

Lindsay's eponymous, Oprah-approved reality show debuts March 9.


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