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Bless you, Mariah Carey. You didn't let us down, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

A day after dropping a tantalizing hint that the names of her newborn twins with hubby Nick Cannon would both begin with the letter "M," the butterfly- and rainbow-loving popster, 42, has unveiled the monikers.

Drumroll, please …

Their son is Moroccan Scott Cannon, who will go by "Roc"; their daughter is Monroe Cannon.

(Sidenote: OMG, we guessed right!)

So, how did the little M&Ms get their names, which the couple claim they've had picked out since they first met?

Seems the top of Mariah's palatial New York residence has been dubbed the Moroccan Room because of its exotic décor.

That also happens to be where Nick, wielding a 17-carat diamond tucked inside a candy ring-pop, popped the question back in 2008 after a whirlwind courtship.

The tyke's middle name is the same as his dad's, which is also the maiden name of Nick's grandmother.

Monroe, meanwhile, was christened after her mom's idol and inspiration, seminal blond bombshell Marilyn (the chanteuse once shelled out $662,500 for a white baby grand piano that belonged to the Hollywood legend).

Monroe has no middle name, just like her mama, the singer's rep explains to CNN.

Mariah and Nick's M&Ms made their debut on April 30 in Los Angeles. The next day, they received a blessing as their parents renewed their wedding vows in the hospital to mark their third anniversary.

As you wish a rousing mazel tov to Mariah, Nick, Roc and Monroe, be sure to tell us what you think of the twins' names in the comments.


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