Richard Dawson / Invision/AP 1 / 18
Richard Dawson / Invision/AP 1 / 18

Today's blast-from-the-past news comes courtesy of the never-ending British phone-hacking trial, which continues to provide nuggets of vintage gossip. The latest involves Prince Harry, whose wild streak has long been known but whose romantic side apparently still needed some work back in 2006.

During court proceedings this week (via the Daily Beast), an email from Clive Goodman, the onetime royal correspondent for the shuttered News of the World, revealed that the ginger-haired royal would call his then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, while drinking with his army buddies.

"She gets calls from him, and he's completely not in a good condition," Goodman wrote in March 2006.

And in true Prince Charming fashion, the ginger-haired royal would "shout affections to her down the phone."

Davy gave as good as she got. In previous phone-hacking testimony, it was revealed that she would "blitz" Harry with calls and text messages while he was training at the Sandhurst military academy.

"He's not allowed to use his [cell phone] at Sandhurst until he's off duty, but she's blitzing him with dozens of calls and texts when he should be concentrating on his training," read one of Goodman's emails. "Family likes her well enough, but they're worried that she's incredibly needy just at the time when Harry needs to be concentrating on himself."

Harry's brother also didn't emerge unscathed during this week's proceedings. The transcript of a prank call made by Prince William to Harry was read in court, during which he assumed a falsetto voice and said, "Hi, it's Chelsy here. You're the best-looking ginger I've ever seen."

Alas, those carefree days are probably gone, replaced by the responsibilities of their rank. For future king William, that means marriage and taking care of his heir.

As for Harry, who split from Chelsy in 2010 after five years of on-off togetherness, he has tried to present a more mature image since getting caught romping naked in Las Vegas in 2012. British odds-makers are betting that he'll propose to his blue-blooded girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, around his 30th birthday in September.


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