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Pia Toscano's surprise elimination from "American Idol" last week is turning out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. Not only has she landed a record deal, but she's also nabbed headlines aplenty after a date night with "Dancing With the Stars" hoofer Mark Ballas.

Word is, the pair chowed down on seafood at Gulfstream restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday, a mere 24 hours after the aspiring singer was booted off "Idol."

TMZ says Pia made the first move, using a good old-fashioned method to get the dancer's attention: She wrote her number on a piece of paper and gave it to a pal who is friendly with wrestler and current "DWTS" contestant Chris Jericho. He then passed it on to a delighted Mark (no word on whether this digit exchange took place during study hall).

Toscano, 22, has "had a crush" on Ballas, 24, for a few weeks, according to People, which says that she was positively "giddy" when she learned that "Idol" filmed next door to "Dancing," and that her trailer was in cha-cha-ing distance to Mark's.

A source tells the mag that Pia, who reportedly had a boyfriend back home in Brooklyn at the beginning of her "Idol" run, had a "great first date" with Mark, and they plan to go out again.

TMZ adds that Ballas, who just happens to have an album coming out this week, postponed a music video shoot in order to take Toscano out on the town.

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