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With just a few tweets, Rihanna sent a teenage fan spiraling into the lowest depths of social media hell before lifting her into 140-characters-or-less heaven.

It all started on Saturday when the Twitter hive mind realized that Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown had started following each other, a connection made possible by the recent easing of the restraining order against the still tantrum prone crooner.

"I never thought you would go back to him!" tweeted the concerned fan. "You better not, it's your life but you do have [people] that look up to you. e.g. young girls."

The chanteuse didn't appreciate the implication that she was reconciling with the guy who made her face look like this following a brutal assault in February 2009.

"Its [bleepin'] twitter, not the alter!" she fired back. "calm down."

The apologetic fan, who's apparently all of fourteen, shared her heartbreak with the world, sniffling how she's wanted Rihanna to "tweet me all my life, shes my idol, and she tweetd me somethng bad."

But her despair was short-lived as RiRi quickly issued a mea culpa.

"babygirl I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt or offend u!" she offered. "Just needed to make it clear to the [fans]…xoxo"

Rihanna capped off her remorse with a gesture of Twitter goodwill: She's now following the overjoyed fan.

"You can never please people," Rihanna groused to Rolling Stone in March about the change to the restraining order. "That's my decision. ... It doesn't mean we're getting married tomorrow. It doesn't mean we're gonna be in a relationship, or make up, or even talk ever again. … We don't have to talk again ever in my life. I just didn't want to make it more difficult for him professionally."

Not that Brown needs any help to make things difficult. He issued a half-hearted apology for smashing a window and generally melting down following a "Good Morning America" appearance in March that included questions about Rihanna.

"I just let off, like, steam in the back," he shrugged. "I didn't physically hurt anyone. I didn't try to hurt anyone. I just released the anger that I had inside me."


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