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Jason Segel sure is a romantic guy, at least according to the tabloids. A swoon-worthy story retold this week in both Star magazine and Australia's Woman's Day claims the funnyman arranged an elaborate proposal for Michelle Williams, his girlfriend of about five months.

His purported accomplice in the would-be question-popping, which the tabs believe took place a couple weeks back as the actress promoted "Oz: The Great and Powerful" at the San Diego Comic-Con: her 6-year-old daughter, Matilda.

Take it away, anonymous Star source: "Jason arranged to have Michelle's hotel suite covered in purple flowers -- her favorite color. He also had Matilda sitting on Michelle's bed, holding a lavender bouquet for her mom."

Just the right combination of cute and cornball, right? Like something out of one of Segel's movies, only in his version, there wouldn't be a kid around, and he'd be caught off guard and awkwardly naked.

"When Michelle came in and picked up Matilda to give her a kiss, she saw a little note from Jason attached to the bouquet," continues the snitch. "It simply said, 'Will you marry me?' And that was that! Pure and simple, just the way they like it."

Anything to add, Woman's Day spy? "He flew in from New Jersey with Matilda on Michelle's last day at Comic-Con. It was tough making it a surprise because he's been telling her from day one that he was going to marry her."

Alas, as adorable and "totally in love" as Michelle and Jason are, and as much as we're rooting for them, the flowery proposal reports aren't true, say sources close to both stars (via E! News and Gossip Cop).

But the pair are still very much an item, and Segel looks to have bonded with Matilda, who lost dad Heath Ledger in 2008. Plus, the National Enquirer (we know, we know) is confident a bigger commitment is in the cards.

"Heath was 24/7 intensity, but Jason lives to make Michelle laugh, and that's pretty hard for a gal to resist," opines a source. "Plus, he's shown he'd make a great daddy. Bet on a marriage by the end of the year."


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