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Taylor Swift is apparently having a rough start to 2012. Not only did she lose out on the role of Eponine in the big-screen adaptation of "Les Miserables," but she also missed out on the chance cozy up to her would-be co-star, Eddie Redmayne, says Us Weekly.

"They hung out in New York City with the movie's execs," tattles an insider (via Hollywood Life). "And Taylor developed feelings for him fast."

A big part of the actor's appeal (presumably besides his cheekbones): "Taylor loved the image of a British boyfriend," explains the snitch.

Seems Redmayne, 30, was equally smitten, but he decided not to pursue a romance when Swifty didn't get the part (it went to up-and-comer Samantha Barks, who, like Taylor, dated a Jonas Brother), since she wouldn't be filming in London with him and the rest of the star-packed cast.

"Eddie's not interesting in a long-distance relationship," sighs the source. "The elements were against them. It's a shame."

Coincidentally, Swift, 22, surfaced in London late last month, right around the time of her most recent tweet. "Watching tv with my cat while eating Toy Story fruit snacks," she shared. "So basically I'm 80 and 5 at the same time."

You'll recall that little more than a year ago, Swift reportedly got the heave-ho from Jake Gyllenhaal after a few months of awkward, coffee-fueled coupledom.

"She's haunted by that relationship. He totally screwed with her mind," a source told Us last month. "The songs on her next album are intimate and revealing. Some are about Jake."

Redmayne, for his part, was briefly linked to Carey Mulligan in early 2011.


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