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It's a dark day for young, camera-friendly love, because Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet have reportedly called it quits after nine months of togetherness.

Chord, 22, and Emma, 20, began dating in the spring after hooking up at the Coachella Music Festival. And just two weeks ago, everything seemed fine as they hit the Golden Globes party circuit together.

So, what made them throw in the towel?

"They're just on two different paths in life," an insider tells JustJared. "They just grew apart and decided to part ways."

Shrugs another spy to Us. "They're both young kids. They had crushes on each other, but the relationship ran its course. She isn't and wasn't looking for a serious thing."

The starlet (and niece of Julia Roberts) recently made the scene at the Sundance Film Festival, and she's "back to having fun now," says the Us snitch, seemingly implying that dating the baby-faced "Glee" actor left something to be desired in the enjoyment department.

"He's so nice and was such a good boyfriend," sighs one disappointed source. "He was always so sweet."

Last month, Overstreet assured Ryan Seacrest that all was well with Roberts.

"Everything's good right now," he said. "We have a blast together. ... I mean, we're having fun and we get along."

When asked if he'd ever experienced a painful breakup, Chord responded, "No, I always kind of avoided that."

Emma, by the way, recently put her studies at Sarah Lawrence College on hold after one semester in order to return to making movies.