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Jeremy Renner has yet to comment on Us Weekly's recent report that he's going to be a dad, but that hasn't stopped the National Enquirer (via Radar) from speculating on the identity of the mom-to-be.

According to the tab, she's a 22-year-old Canadian model named Sonni Pacheco (see her here), who apparently met and dated the 42-year-old actor while he was filming "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" in Vancouver, B.C., back in 2010.

(And yes, if the Enquirer is correct, that means Renner was hanging out with a teenager. We will refrain from pearl-clutching and move on …)

Pacheco, whose profile for a Monster Energy Drink modeling gig describes her as a low-maintenance tomboy who loves video games, is reportedly living in Renner's Los Angeles home while she incubates the fruit of his loins.

"Jeremy is delighted he's going to become a dad," a "friend" tells the tabloid. "He realizes it's unconventional to have his baby mama, an ex-girlfriend, living with him and his roommate, but he just doesn't care."

The "roommate" aside is apparently a reference to Jeremy's best friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters, whom he calls his "brother." For more than a decade, the pair have run a successful house-flipping business. Earlier this month, they listed an ambitiously remodeled Art Deco-ish mansion for $25 million, a whopping $18 million more than they paid in 2010.

Renner's ostensible offspring is allegedly due next month.


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