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Taylor Swift seems to get an unnecessary amount of grief. When we look at her, we see a talented, self-made young woman who's kind to her fans and to animals, visits hospitalized kids in her spare time and appears to be a loyal friend. So what if she makes this face a lot, or that her love life, like many 20-somethings is a mite fickle? At least she's figured out a way to make money off of it. And what's more, she's willing to share her good fortune.

Following her performance last Friday in Philadelphia, Swift grabbed dinner with pals/tour mates Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone at Ralph's Italian Restaurant, where the trio graciously posed for pictures with the eatery's staff (and also took the VMA-celebrating pic below).

Taylor made a particular point of snapping a photo with the head chef, Shawn Gallo.

"I called my mom to tell her Swift was there, and she wanted me to take a picture because she is a big fan," he relays to E! News. "My son has autism, and while I'm at work my mom and my son love to listen to her music. He loves her music!"

In response, Swifty gave him two tickets to her concert the following night.

"It was so kind-hearted of her," said Gallo. "My son, Shawnee, is 11. It was my son and I's first concert we've ever been to! It was really special."

Also special? The tip she left. Philly food blog Foobooz says Taylor plunked down a $500 gratuity on an $800 bill (that works out to more than 60 percent).

And for those who are dying to know what carb-laden yumminess Swift ordered (hey, no judgment), she got the chicken Parmesan.

"From her graciousness upon arrival for us staying open, to the extremely generous tip before leaving, she was a pleasure to have dine with us!" the restaurant gushed on Facebook. "Probably the biggest celebrity to visit Ralph's in recent memory!"


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