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If Tori Spelling's blog is any indication, she's choosing to turn a blind eye -- publicly, at least -- to reports that husband Dean McDermott cheated on her last month with a twentysomething Canadian woman improbably named Emily Goodhand.

In recent days, she's posted several happy family photos with kids Liam, 6, Stella, 5, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 16 months, along with one featuring Dean (below). As for what's happening behind closed doors, a source tells People mag that the accusations don't necessarily spell doom for the couple's seven-year marriage.

"If the story is true, it would be hard for her to admit," says the insider. "She's very dependent on Dean and the whole life they've created together. She's an incredibly loyal person, and she's not someone who gives up easily. Despite their struggles, he's always been her knight in shining armor. And he'll fight hard for her. They'll think very hard before making any decisions about their future as a couple."

Meanwhile, another spy tells Us Weekly that Tori's Christmas cheer was all for the benefit of the kids. Seems she's simply "devastated" by the allegations and has been fighting with Dean "nonstop."

"Tori went nuts and has been saying she may leave him," adds the snitch. "Tori is so embarrassed. Their arguments have gotten really bad."

Spelling, 40, who hooked up with McDermott, 47, while both were married to other people, has "always said that's her biggest fear -- that he would be unfaithful," explains a second People spy. "Rumors about cheating have followed them their whole marriage, and it really takes a toll on her. They have had fights over her accusing him of having a wandering eye, especially since they've had to be separated for work so many times."


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