Terry Richardson / GQ 1 / 3
Terry Richardson / GQ 1 / 3

By Saryn Chorney

Lest you mistakenly begin to think that Christian Bale's "Terminator: Salvation" on-set melt-down was some kind of fluke, the volatile actor's new cover shoot for the June issue of GQ gave him yet another chance to publicly blow-off some steam. The magazine hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles today, and is available nationally on May 26. You can read the full interview at GQ now.

Click left to check out some images from the photo shoot, then read on to find out exactly how much Bale despises doing stuff like that. Seriously -- he effing hates it! (WARNING: PROFANITY BELOW.)

On his on-set rant:

"It wouldn't have happened if we hadn't been playing that scene, for Christ's sake, between John Connor and his wife, which is probably the most intense one in the movie ... I'd definitely say that that guy who was yelling was at least half John Connor, and the rest was Christian Bale."

Well, it certainly wasn't Patrick Bateman -- the "American Psycho" would never lose his sociopathic detachment like that.

On the many Christian Bale Rant dance remixes/mash-ups on YouTube:

"A friend sent me one. They did a bloody good job! I've gotta say, what a great impulse, you know? To take something ugly like that and make it into a dance? That's a wonderful thing."

You know what would be even more wonderful? If Bale performed one of his "Newsies" dance numbers to that remix.

On which actors he admires:

"I don't have any answer for that. I watch so few movies. I didn't get into this because I love movies. I got into it because I love putting myself in other people's shoes and investigating."

Then again, he did once say he considers it an honor to have been called a "mofo" by Samuel L. Jackson in a movie. Who wouldn't?

On having his photo taken and publicity:

"I want to say that I've got this long history of just, I can't stand havin' my photo taken. Can't fuckin' stand it. Which is why in half the photos you see of me, I look like I was gettin' a tetanus injection when they took the picture. OK? And there was a [fashion] campaign during The Dark Knight in which they used me, in which I had no fuckin' say-so. I would never have done that had I had any fuckin' say-so ... This campaign -- it wasn't Batman. It was Bruce Wayne. I said, 'Look, that's Bruce Wayne in that suit. He's no different than Christian Bale in a suit except for he's got stuff, goo, in his hair, okay?' I just want to go on record as saying I did nothing for that. In fact every time I saw it anywhere, I felt nauseous ... What I'm tellin' you is that I will not ever be a model. If I'm ever modeling, you'll know I really fucking need the money. OK?"

So, we guess we won't see Bale in that "Zoolander" sequel Ben Stiller is developing, huh? Well that f***ing sucks!


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