GF / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 14
GF / Bauer-Griffin 1 / 14

Actor Hugh Grant took a woman for dinner at a plush restaurant in Berlin just hours before confirming that he's become a father.

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Grant issued a statement on Tuesday announcing he has a 1-month old daughter following a "fleeting affair" with a woman, who is believed to be former model Tinglan Hong.

The previous evening, Grant was spotted dining at an eatery in Berlin with a German singer he met recently in London.

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German publication Bild reports the woman is Elisa Schmidt, who became friends with the actor when she was working at a recording studio in the U.K. capital.

They were reportedly seen hand in hand on a street outside the restaurant after their meal before cozying up in the back of a cab.

Schmidt tells the publication, "We connected and became good friends. But there is nothing more. We are just friends. As he is in Berlin right now, he took me out for dinner, that is all."

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