Jason Buehler / Retna Digital 1 / 7
Jason Buehler / Retna Digital 1 / 7

By Kat Giantis

Gwyneth Paltrow works hard to maintain her lithe figure, so we really can't blame her for wanting to show it off whenever she can.

At Tuesday night's Los Angeles screening of her Golden Globe-ignored musical drama "Country Strong," the Oscar winner-cum-GOOP lifestyle maven revealed what hours of yoga and gym-time can do by slinking onto the red carpet in a white Pucci gown that, from the front, would have been appropriate at an Amish-themed prom chaperoned by Donna Reed (click through the photos at left for a full view).

But when Gwyn turned to the side, all bets (and, it seems, almost all foundation garments) were off, thanks to a traffic-stopping slit that snaked up and away to a laced-together-for-dear-life open back.

So, what do you think? Is Gwyneth's white gown sexily elegant or a little too cheeky? Vote now and then speak your peek-a-boo piece in the comments!

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