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Gwyneth Paltrow's kids had no idea she's a big Hollywood star until her daughter Apple found out from her classmates at school.

The "Shakespeare In Love" star and her husband, Coldplay rocker Chris Martin, are intensely private and have kept the superstar status of their jobs hidden from their young kids, 6-year-old Apple and 4-year-old son Moses.

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But Paltrow had to face questions about her fame when Apple started school and was told by her peers that her mom appears in magazines. The actress threw Apple off the scent by pretending she's a singer after playing the guitar for her new movie "Country Strong."

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She tells Britain's The Sun, "My kids have never seen me in anything. They don't know what I do -- or rather, Apple does now because people in her class know and they say, 'Oh, I saw you in a magazine.'

"And you're like, 'Oh God. I'll have to deal with all these questions that will inevitably be coming,' but I try to separate it.

"I mean, they know I work but they think I do singing, which is hilarious. They probably saw me for a year practicing my guitar and singing and they think that's my job."

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"I'm like, 'Oh, my God.' They know I'm in movies and stuff, but I don't think they really fully get it and I don't show them or really get into it.

"But when I go away of course I have to explain what I'm going to do, and they're still really young."