Amanda Schwab / StarTraks 1 / 13
Amanda Schwab / StarTraks 1 / 13

Halle Berry has taken aim at Hollywood's paparazzi again, insisting it's time for them to stop hanging around outside the schools that celebrities' young kids attend.

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The Oscar winner was caught on camera clashing with photographers as she was picking her daughter Nahla up from a Los Angeles school on May 10. Screaming obscenities, the angry actress told the snappers, "I'm doing something honorable. I'm not harassing people!"

The actress has since apologized for the way she handled the situation, but she's still adamant that schools should be paparazzi-free zones.

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She tells "Access Hollywood," "We're stooping to a new low when we prop up our children and we exploit them like this, and people can't wait to open magazines to see what 4-year-olds are wearing. There's something fundamentally wrong with that, and our children should be off-limits. They are innocent little babies that don't need to be exploited all over these magazines. I'm fair game, I get it. But my kids and the kids at my daughter's school should not be harassed like that. It's just wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong."

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She adds, "When you have these creepy guys with cameras lurking around, it's really hard for parents. ... It's just a chaos and a confusion that doesn't need to surround where little kids play and where they live and sort of what their world is. It's just not right."