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DDAA / ZOB / WENN 1 / 16

One Direction star Harry Styles finds fame "lonely" and is keen to settle down with a girlfriend, according to his best friend.

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The boy-band shot to fame after competing on Britain's "The X Factor" in 2010, and 18-year-old hunk Styles has since been enjoying the benefits of life as a pop star.

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The singer has been pictured partying in London hotspots with a string of beauties, but his childhood friend Will Sweeney insists Styles is eager to find someone special.

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He tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "I do know Harry's looking for a relationship. He's told me that. He's always out mixing with celebrities and going to all these parties with different girls, but it's lonely and for him and not what he wants.

"That's just not the kind of guy he is. He's very sentimental and emotional and he always goes the extra mile of any girlfriend he has. "He wants a relationship much more than parties and stuff."