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By Paige Ferrari

Britney Spears: What is she believing in now?

Earlier this week, the pop star stepped out in Paris sporting a blingy Star of David, prompting rumors that the Southern Baptist-turned-Kaballah-enthusiast-turned-baby-worshipper has officially joined the ranks of the chosen people.

While it's completely possibly that Brit has taken the plunge and converted to one of the world's oldest religions, this might be a good time to reflect on a few other things Britney is thought to have believed over the years:

- That Canada is "overseas"

- That heaven is a place where the departed "hop around from cloud to cloud. And an old man with a long, white beard wanders around -- that's God."

- That she was a Shetland sheepdog in a former life

- That a hot pink wig and faux English accent will keep the paparazzi at bay

- That unicorns are real and are kept in a special New Zealand zoo (Uh, she may still be committed to this one.)

VERDICT: Britney changes religions about as often as she changes hair colors. Today she's brunette and Jewish. Tomorrow she may shock us all by being platinum blonde, Mormon, and perhaps riding off into the sunset on one of those rare New Zealand unicorns.


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