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From the same "Opposites Attract"-humming Cupid who brought you Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood, Madonna and Jesus, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy, and Adam Duritz and everyone, comes Jessica Simpson and ... Billy Corgan?

After a craptacular year that has included a birthday eve dumping by Tony Romo in July, unfair waistline scrutiny, and the vicious coyote-napping of her beloved dog Daisy, the starlet, 29, appears to be (yes, we're having a hard time digesting this one, too) on the upswing with the chrome-domed Smashing Pumpkins front man, 42.

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"She has fallen hard and is smitten," an insider tattles to E! News, before noting that the oddball pair has decided they're "officially dating." (Did they get a notarized certificate or something?)

On Dec. 4, paparazzi captured a smiling Jessica leaving her New York hotel with a low-key, be-hatted Corgan in tow (that's him over there on the far left -- you may need to squint a little).

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"She has completely fallen for Billy and his easygoing, smart attitude," a Simpson pal maintains to OK!. "She says she wants to take things a lot further."

Corgan, who has spent quality time with the elegant likes of Courtney Love and Tila Tequila, apparently charmed the former Mrs. Nick Lachey during a party last month in Los Angeles.

"As the night went on, things got more intense and they talked with their faces just inches apart," claims a spy, with another snitch adding, "We do worry that she is on the rebound. But she is a big girl and capable of making her own decisions."

Still, not everyone is convinced about Jessica's judgment, vis-à-vis selecting suitable partners, especially those nearest and dearest to her.

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"He's just another in an endless string of Jessica's boyfriends," snipes the E! source, seemingly referring to Romo and onetime flame John Mayer. "[Her inner circle thinks] he's too old for her. No one takes any of her boyfriends seriously anymore because she has had so many. They're sick of all of them being 'the one.'"

Simpson, who has been globe-trotting in recent months for her upcoming reality show, "The Price of Beauty," recently detailed what's on her list for Mr. Right.

"I definitely love a spiritual man -- somebody that is going to always inspire me," she told "Extra." "And, you know, I love artistic men -- somebody that really understands their art."

She also likes a "confidant man" with brains, although her recent "flirty" dinner meet-up with Gerard Butler went nowhere.

"I don't want to get bored. I can bore out pretty easily," admitted Jess, "so I love intellectual men, people that will always keep me intrigued."

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But what she considers boredom others sometimes view as high-maintenance.

"Jessica is very needy. She is very clingy," a mole told People magazine in September. "She is so sweet, but sometimes because of that she's hard to be around. It's not always easy. She hates to be alone. That's what happened with Tony. Jessica smothers people. She doesn't really have any hobbies."

Not true. She loves Twitter and other people's rambling deep-ish thoughts.

"My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure and enlightening [sic] outlook on faith," she wrote on Sept. 11. "Go to his new website. God is real."

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