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Hayden Panettiere, who played Amanda Knox in the Lifetime movie "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy," describes the experience as "surreal" and says she feels that, in a way, she's "walked a mile" in Amanda's shoes.

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"It would be very hard for me not to feel some sort of joy for a young girl to have a second chance at life, regardless of what happened," Hayden tells Movie Line. "It's such a complicated case, and there are so many things that were just done really improperly. It's horrific. It's really horrifying, some of the things that they did."

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Hayden said Amanda has now gotten a second chance at life after her acquittal and release from an Italian prison after being incarcerated for nearly four years. "I hope that she makes the best of it."

Of the Amanda Knox verdict, Hayden said: "Guilt or innocence, I don't think anyone will ever know exactly what happened. It's such a confusing case. I hope no one gets mad at me for saying that there's a certain gift to be taken out of an experience like that, but it's kind of human nature to have your sense of appreciation for things dulled over time."

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The "Heroes" star said she can't imagine the full extent of Amanda's ordeal. "I'm sure it's been a nightmare for this girl, and I'd never try to imagine what she's been through and how she feels, but there's something to be said for getting that second chance."

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