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By Molly McGonigle

Just a couple of days after Spencer Pratt announced he's trying to sell a sex tape with Heidi Montag and two weeks after signing divorce papers, Speidi are apparently back. Over the weekend, Spencer and Heidi were spotted together in Costa Rica.

When confronted by TMZ, the couple split up running in different directions, with Heidi jumping into a golf cart.

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"I had to bring the puppies down and help them move in," Pratt told "[Heidi] thought I was going to leave, but I'm not. I didn't want to get divorced … I have nothing in Malibu; I'm homeless; I'm nothing without her."

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Heidi admits to being mad at Spencer over this sex-tape drama, but that the entire situation is difficult because, she says, she still loves him.

Spencer has also offered to not sell the sex tape if Montag agrees to go home with him and star in their own reality TV show.

What a guy, that Spencer.

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