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New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and one of the busiest people in the whole wide world of chic is Heidi Klum, supermodel and host of Lifetime's "Project Runway." Wonderwall was lucky enough to catch Klum twice, first on Sept. 8 at QVC's Fashion's Night Out broadcast and again on Sept. 9 at the big "Project Runway" show -- you know, the one where this season's top three designers debut their lines. Hear what Klum had to say about "Project Runway," celeb fashion and Seal's take on her super style.

Wonderwall: Is the final "Project Runway" decision based on 'I would wear that'? Does that indicate a winner?

Heidi Klum: It's not always based on whether I would wear it. For me, there is a clear winner there.

WW: How do you rate this season's designers compared to past seasons?

HK: You can never really compare them. They are different people with different points of view. I think you saw some great fashion today. For me, there is one clear winner there today. Sometimes I'm like, 'Oh, I'm not so sure.' But today there is.

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WW: Was there ever a contestant in the past you wish you hadn't let go of?

HK: That always happens in every season. Of course! And especially when they show here and you see the whole collection and you say, 'Wow, they did a really good show.' The issue is that it's judged by challenge, and if one challenge is not good, then the designer is out. Unfortunately, sometimes people go that are very, very talented.

WW: Why is the winner so clear to you? What stood out?

HK: I just like the point of view. It was super well made, and I just thought it was new, different and edgy.

WW: How many hours did you sleep last night?

HK: Ah, not that many! We started very early this morning. I'm pretty tired, but it's OK! That's how Fashion Week is, though. You just go, go, go to place to place. It's fun though!

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WW: What do you think of the Kardashians starting a line for Sears? What about other celeb lines?

HK: I think just because you have one career, that doesn't mean you aren't good at other things, too. I think there are many great people out there that aren't professional singers and have amazing voices. That's why you see why those shows work like "American Idol." You find people who had a completely different job and then you see they have a lot of other talents. A lot of people in the entertainment industry can also be great designers or have other things they're good at.

WW: What do you think of all these celebrity collaborations?

HK: I have to like them, right? I've done them myself. I'm doing one for QVC right now with my jewelry collection. I think they are great, though; they are way for the celebrities to express themselves and for the audience to understand the person a bit more. It's not a bad thing. I don't think every celebrity should do it, but it gives him or her an added voice. So that's always good.

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WW: What kind of girl will wear your line?

HK: She's a free spirit; she's independent and fun. She's not afraid to take risks in fashion like me. I mean, half the time my PR team is like, 'Are you really going to wear that?' … And I like to take risks and be fashion-forward, and I think the woman that buys from my line will be the same way.

WW: Whose style in Hollywood do you like?

HK: I think that Cameron Diaz is always really cute. She looks really fresh, and she always has a great point of view. She uses a lot of great colors. She's always fun. I like her style a lot.

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WW: What kind of look does Seal like you best in?

HK: I think just jeans and a T-shirt with my hair in a pony tail.

WW: When you finally get free time way from your family, what do you most love to do with Seal?

HK: Sleep in! (laughs) That doesn't happen a lot. That's one of my favorite things to do!