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Feeling the blues! Hilary Duff unveiled a new hue on her Instagram, one that would make even Papa Smurf proud.

In a mirror selfie from the salon, the actress showed off her new blue hair on March 18, saying that her stylist "turned me into a mermaid last night."

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Hilary's Instagram has been quite the sight this week. Aside from a snap of her new 'do, she also posted a sexy selfie encouraging fellow mothers to love their bodies. The snap showed Hilary with seemingly wet hair and sans makeup.

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In a interview last year with PEOPLE, Hilary spoke about her love for beauty products, which we now know involves some hair dye.

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"I love that you can just take on a different role," she shared of playing with beauty. "You can just put something on and all of a sudden you've morphed into something different. It brings out a tone in your personality and you get to play with that."