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@real_honeybooboo_mamajune31054 / Instagram 1 / 5

Slowly shrinking. Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, whose unhealthy eating choices were well-documented on reality TV, is getting a little healthier month-by-month.

After dropping almost eight pounds in a month, her mother, "Mama June" Shannon was in a celebratory mood.

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Posting a photo on Instagram of her daughter standing on a scale, "Mama June" said she was "so proud" of her daughter.

How is Honey Boo Boo doing it? The old fashioned way — "Just by eating smaller portions and walking," June said, while crediting celebrity trainer Natasha Fett.

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June, though, wasn't entirely in a festive mood. In the same post, she took time to blast the TV show "The Doctors," saying her daughter lost nothing while she appeared on the show for its 10 week program. Mama June also said that she's dropped 45 pounds in just over a month, as well. This was all due to Natasha, she said, not the TV show's routine.

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Natasha, June said, "encouraged us when we felt like we couldn't or didn't what to do it," adding that the celebrity trainer "genuinely cares about us."