Remember how scandalous it was when Pacey (Joshua Jackson) lost his virginity to his English teacher on "Dawson's Creek" back in 1998? (Yes, that was 12 years ago. Yes, you're that old.) Pacey was pretty daring, in that he'd already encountered Miss Jacobs in class before he told her, "I'm the best sex you'll never have," which inspired... well, sex. These days, student-teacher hookups are all over T.V. once again... but this time, they're accidental.Say you're a teenage girl and you're out at one of your favorite hangouts. You bump into a very attractive guy, meet-cute style. You talk. He stares soulfully into your eyes. You make a deep connection. Then, depending on how mature you're feeling, you either kiss a little, have a steamy bathroom make-out session, or spend the night together "talking" in his bed. The next morning - bam! You discover he's your teacher.Oops?If you can relate, you're probably Aria (Lucy Hale) from "Pretty Little Liars," Lux (Britt Robertson) from "Life Unexpected," or Serena (Blake Lively) from "Gossip Girl." These girls would never show up on screen wearing the same outfit, so how do they manage to all find themselves in the same exact life predicament -- all in the same season? Don't these showrunners have a big red telephone somewhere so they can make sure they're not overlapping their entire storyline?Serena's super-hot Business Psychology professor, Colin (Sam Page) is actually not the worst fit for her. The class only lasts seven weeks, and though we're pretty sure Serena's never been celibate that long, she's always up for a challenge. He's definitely her type - you couldn't pick him out of a line-up of her last few ex-boyfriends, Nate (Chace Crawford) and Tripp (Aaron Tveit). Plus, Serena is done with high school and she's definitely had her fair share of life experiences, so Colin's attraction to her doesn't skeeve us out.We want to find Aria's relationship with Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding) creepy, since she's only 16, she's embroiled in a murder mystery, and her family drama has left her vulnerable. Instead, we just find it kind of sweet. He writes poems about her that get published miraculously quickly, and no matter what they do, these two just can't quit each other. We can't wait for the show to return on January 16 so that the angst can  continue. As for Lux... as sincere as Mr. Daniels (Shaun Sipos) may be, we find it hard to justify his planning a slumber-party style movie night with the student he accidentally made out with. Plus, he was sleeping with her step-aunt. With all Lux has been through in the foster care system, it makes sense that she'd relate to adults more than to her fellow high schoolers. That doesn't mean those adults should relate right back. Right? Britt Robertson recently told Zap2it that despite the age difference, and the whole authority figure thing, Mr. Daniels is "right for her at the moment." Despite the uh-oh factor, it looks like Lux and Mr. Daniels are on a one-way street to jailbait, unless the hot, wet make-out scene in the following preview for next week's episode is from a dream sequence.So which forbidden affair is going to last? If we had to place bets, we'd say Aria and Fitz have the best chance of making it past graduation. What are your thoughts on this latest TV trend, Zappers? Are you scandalized? Bored? Kind of missing your super hot 11th grade A.P. Bio teacher who looked a little like Tom Welling and had a really great Texas accent?Ahem. Hypothetically.Follow Zap2it and @cadlymack on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.Photo: CW

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