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Everything seems to be lining up for Drew Barrymore these days. She's getting a well-deserved critical tongue bath for her role as Little Edie in "Grey Gardens"; she's looking glam and gorgeous on the red carpet (with and without couture water wings on her arms); and she's enjoying the attentions of two of her former squeezes.

But it's the affable actress's most recent ex, Justin Long, who may have the edge at the moment, at least judging by how hands-on they were at the "Grey Gardens" premiere in New York City on April 14.

"Justin's here. He's my friend, he's supporting," Drew breezily told E! News. "I'm so glad he's here. He's like one of my best friends and I love him and I also think he's the funniest dude on the planet."

But is he a BFF with benefits? People magazine reports the pair, who called it quits last summer after nearly a year of nonstop saliva-swapping, were touchy-feely throughout the premiere festivities.

Drew was not only spied planting a "quick smooch" on Justin, who will be shooting a movie with her this summer, but she was seen also holding his hand and enveloping him in a "long embrace," complete with ear whispering.

"They were giggling and kissing each other all night and ended up leaving together," a bystander informs the New York Post.

Reps for both issued the standard "just friends" response, but an eyewitness tells the New York Daily News, "They were definitely together and looked so, so happy."

Another ex looking happy in Barrymore's sunny presence: Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, who stepped out with her twice in NYC over the weekend.

According to People, their first stop was a coffee shop, where a source says there were no overt displays of affection.

"They weren't holding hands. They just looked like friends," recalls the mole. "She was very low-key -- very chill."

The exes, who split in 2007 after five years of togetherness, were later seen yukking it up at a sushi joint, reports the New York Post.

"Drew and Fab were laughing a lot and drinking sake bombs," says an onlooker. "They seemed very happy together and were acting like a couple."

But Barrymore's rep insists the outing was platonic, pooh-poohing to the paper, "The two have been friends for years."

The actress said as much in a recent sit-down with W, calling her time with Moretti "one of the most, if not the most, important relationships I've had in my life. We're still very close."

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