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@ronbrown01 / Twitter 1 / 5

Matthew Lewis — Keep your shirt… off!

The former "Harry Potter" star is showing off his insanely sculpted body, and we don't think he could look any better (also we'd LOVE to see him try, if you catch our drift!).

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Matt's pal took to Twitter on April 15 to post a photo of the actor. In the image, Matt is shirtless with his biceps bulging and his 6-pack abs on full display. He stands in front of an assortment of beef and chicken. It certainly looks like a feast is about go down!

"@Mattdavelewis is proud of his meat," Ron Brown captioned the photo of his buddy. Matt lovingly fired back, "Ron! You're embarrassing me in public again!"

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Obviously the heavy protein diet is working wonders for Matthew.

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For quite some time Matthew's Instagram was private, but he recently made it public, allowing us to see the hotness that is Matthew David Lewis… And we thank you for that, Matt.