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Whitney Houston's mother was left mortified by the state of her tragic daughter's house during her 2005 intervention because images of "evil eyes" and "strange faces" had been spray-painted around the home.

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Cissy Houston arrived at her trouble daughter's home in Georgia after a call from her son Gary, who feared the star's drug issues were going to kill her. But she was left frightened by the chaotic scene she witnessed after she was let into the home, as strange images had been painted on the doors -- and Houston's own face had been cut out of family portraits.

Opening up about the incident in her tell-all book, "Remembering Whitney," Cissy writes, "I flew to Atlanta and rang the door of the house she shared with her husband, Bobby Brown.

"I knew if she was in half as bad a state as that house, she really was in trouble. I'd never seen any house that looked like this one, much less a multimillion dollar home.

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"I stood in shock. It was dirty and messy, but that wasn't it. The things I saw sent a chill through me. Somebody had spray-painted the walls and door with big glaring eyes and strange faces. Evil eyes, staring out like a threat. Who would do such a thing? It seemed crazy.

"In another room there was a big framed photo of Nippy (Houston's nickname), Bobby and their daughter, Kriss -- but someone had cut Nippy's head out. It was beyond disturbing, seeing by daughter's face cut out like that. It was frightening."

Cissy returned to the home with local cops with a court order to take her daughter into rehab, and she believed her superstar daughter never forgave her for the intervention.

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She adds, "Because of the court order, Nippy had no choice. She stayed in rehab the whole four weeks... Eventually she stopped being angry at me and later told people I saved her life. But I'm not sure she ever forgave me. I think some part of her couldn't stand that I had made her reveal her worst side to me."

The singer was found dead in a bathtub in her Beverly Hills hotel suite on Feb. 11, 2012. The book hits shelves on Tuesday.