After marrying Miranda Lambert on a Texas ranch in May, Blake Shelton had another romantic trick up his sleeve.

"We had a week [off of work]," the country star, 35, tells Parade magazine, "and we spent three days of that at home." (The couple live on 1,200 acres in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, in a former hunting lodge they share with seven rescute dogs.) After that stay-cation, "I surprised her: I told her I wanted to take her on an Oklahoma road trip."

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Fellow crooner Lambert wasn't overjoyed at that plan, Shelton said. "When you're Miranda Lambert and you're 27 years old, [that] sounds miserably boring. She was like, 'Well, that'll be okay, I guess. Just don't point out everything -- let's just have fun.'"

The real plan, as first revealed by Us Weekly: "What she didn't know was I was going to drive us to a plane so we could fly to Cancun. We stayed in Reba [McEntire]'s and Narvel [Blackstock]'s house for about three days down there. It was so much fun."

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Shelton also opens up some more about their rustic, country-fied wedding -- which included moonshine for guests! "Back when I was younger, that was a funny thing to do, take a shot of moonshine," he explains.

"I don't do it anymore--it will rot your insides out. But people who hadn't done it were trying it, and I'm sure they were regretting it the next day. It was the real deal."

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Which is not to say that Shelton doesn't enjoy the pleasures of alcohol. He famous drunk-tweets frequently from his popular Twitter handle. "It's just a way to say something ridiculous," explains the star, whose fave cocktail is Bacardi mixed with Crystal Light. "Yeah, I drink a lot. But I'm not drunk every night."

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