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Brad Pitt was in France when he got the phone call from his wife, Angelina Jolie, telling him that she may have cancer and that she could potentially need surgery. He acted fast.

He "was on a plane within hours," the "Unbroken" director said of her husband.

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Angelina revealed on March 24 that she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after doctors detected possible signs of early cancer.

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The fact that Brad rushed to his wife's side should surprise nobody. He was there for her in 2013 during her double mastectomy, as well. When it comes down to it, he's always supporting his wife.

"We've been through so much," the actress told PEOPLE in 2014.

"We've gotten a lot closer, which I think naturally happens with raising a family together," she continued, referring the couple's six children. "You have history. ... You have this person who really knows you, and you know them so well. You're not lovers or boyfriend and girlfriend as much as you are a family."

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In her 2013 op-ed piece for The New York Times, Angelina even wrote emotionally about Brad's support in seeing her through her mastectomy, calling herself "fortunate to have a partner, Brad Pitt, who is loving and supportive."

"So to anyone who has a wife or girlfriend going through this, know that you are a very important part of the transition. Brad was at the Pink Lotus Breast Center, where I was treated, for every minute of the surgeries. We managed to find moments to laugh together. We knew this was the right thing to do for our family and that it would bring us closer. And it has."

In an interview with USA Today in 2013, Brad also got emotional about his wife's double mastectomy, saying it had been "an emotional and beautifully inspiring few months," adding that his "proudest thing is our family. This [cancer] isn't going to get that."

And in judging from the couple's smiling faces as they watched their kids play soccer over the weekend on March 21, cancer has got nothing on their bond.