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Andy Dick has found himself squarely in Howard Stern's cross-hairs.

The troubled 45-year-old comic ripped the radio personality with an anti-Semitic tirade on "The Greg Fitzsimmons Show" earlier this week, calling Stern "a shallow, money-grubbing Jew" over a series of perceived slights.

Dick said he's angry at Stern after the radio icon hung up on him during a call-in appearance with Charlie Sheen in March, and didn't go to bat for him when his Sirius radio show was canceled years back.

"For two years I did the show, never got a cent, and I'm not complaining about that ... I'm just saying the Jew facts -- I never got paid," Dick said. "I have no problem with his big fat hook nose ... and his money-grubbing, miserly Jewishness."

Dick said he and Stern used to be friends, calling Stern, "a nice guy underneath all the Jewi-ness."

Naturally, Dick's racist comment got a stiff response from the self-described King of All Media.

"I guess Andy's downward spiral continues, and now he's blaming me for all his problems," Stern told his listeners Tuesday. "Stop looking for handouts, you f---ing wacko. Stop waiting for the Jew to give you a job! Who's gonna hire you: You're going into bathrooms, grabbing guy's c---s and f---ing around. Stop acting like a maniac, of course no one's gonna give you a job!"

Stern knocked Dick's appearances on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," calling the VH1 reality show "bottom-of-the barrel-type" adding he wasn't amused "watching the guy act like a f---ing 5-year-old cause he can't get his habits under control."

Stern predicted "the media won't pick up on [Dick's racist words] because nobody cares about Andy Dick, with the exception of me."

"Mel Gibson was big news," Stern said, referring to our world-exclusive tapes of Gibson chastising his child's mother. "You're talking about Andy Dick, a guy who lives in a trailer in the back of his ex-wife's property."

"He's a sick guy," added co-host Robin Quivers.

Dick apologized for a bigoted, N-word-laden diatribe at a Los Angeles comedy club in 2006, telling the Los Angeles Times he "chose to make a joke about a subject that is not funny."

The comic, who has a long history of drug- and alcohol-related problems, has made more headlines for his run-ins with the law than his work in the past few years.

Most recently, he was arrested in May in connection with disorderly conduct after a meltdown inside a Marie Callender's restaurant in Temecula, Calif. In February, RadarOnline.com posted exclusive photos of the "News Radio" actor snorting cocaine while in his car in the parking lot of the Corner Club in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Other bizarre offenses in recent years include a January 2010 arrest after he was accused of "unexpectedly and without invitation" grabbing a man's crotch at a West Virginia bar and a 2008 arrest for sexual battery after allegedly pulling down a teenage girl's top outside of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Murrieta, Calif.

Last November, a pal of Dick's told us exclusively the fallen star "has openly talked ... about committing suicide, and he has definitely hit rock bottom at this point. Unless he gets help fast, then he's going to kill himself, because he is totally out of control just now."


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