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Has Amy Winehouse finally beaten one of her most dangerous and destructive addictions? The British tabloids say the top-heavy disaster area is over her notoriously co-dependent relationship with jailbird ex-hubby Blake Fielder-Civil and has moved on to someone new.

So, what kind of guy willingly gets up close and personal with the beehived, substance-susceptible singer? Surprisingly enough, a clean-cut-looking one with a job.

The stouthearted fella is said to be filmmaker Reg Traviss, 33, who was photographed holding hands and laying some sugar on Winehouse, 26, when they stepped out for dinner this week in London.

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And in a positive sign, she made an effort to clean up for the occasion, matching her date's '60s-style suit with a pretty, unstained and cleavage-free wrap dress, and matching his slicked-back hair with relatively tamed tresses.

"Amy really likes him," a source tells the London Sun. "They've been seeing each other for a good few weeks now. He's a decent bloke with his feet firmly on the ground."

Anything else?

"He's cultured and talented and they talk and laugh about all sorts," the snitch kvells. "And they are openly affectionate in front of friends and family now too."

An insider adds to the Daily Mail that, "Traviss has a promising career and is much more mature than Blake."

Fielder-Civil, who was snapped kissing Winehouse back in April, has reportedly returned to rehab after nose-diving off the wagon yet again. The Sun says he's been calling and e-mailing his former missus in an attempt to keep their dysfunctional flame burning.

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But he's apparently no match for the competition, especially now that Amy's dad, Mitch, who has long blamed Blake for his daughter's bad habits, has given Traviss the thumbs-up.

"I'm happy she's got a new boyfriend," he said on Scottish TV on Tuesday. "I'm happy she's moving on with her life. He's a normal bloke, very nice."

Winehouse met Traviss through mutual friends, and their night out is rumored to have been their third in two weeks.

That timeline would mean their first date happened right around her most recent hospital stay, which was supposedly precipitated by a particularly bad, boozy bender.

In other words, good luck, Reg. You'll need it.

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