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Lindsay Lohan's post-jail, post-rehab life seems to be on the upswing. Her appearance the MTV Video Music Awards wasn't a disaster. She's reportedly in talks to return as host of "Saturday Night Live" (assuming her plumped-up-looking lips settle down enough for her to talk). She's driving a Porsche to meetings with her probation officer. And she may be back in the good graces of former flame Samantha Ronson.

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That last one is according to Life & Style, which claims the squabble-prone exes recently had a clandestine rendezvous (not tough to do, considering they apparently still live in the same Los Angeles high-rise building).

"Lindsay and Sam started speaking as soon as Lindsay got out of rehab. They text constantly," says an insider. "It turned into something more, and they've secretly hooked up."

The deejay, 32, paid several visits to the starlet, 24, during her time in the pokey and in rehab, and the tab says LiLo is determined to keep her nose clean for Ronson.

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"Lindsay's crazy past behavior was the reason Sam ended things," adds the source. "But if Lindsay continues to do well, then it will be officially back on between them. At the end of the day, Sam still loves her."

Ronson cut Lohan loose in April 2009, a decision that led the actress to wail to Us Weekly that she was in "absolute hell."

"I really care about Samantha, and we'll see what happens," she told Ellen DeGeneres soon after. "Maybe when we're fully in the right place. And I love her."

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But it didn't take long for their relationship to devolve into an endless string of petty dramas, from public bickering to drink-flinging (Lindsay at Sam) to loogie-hocking (Sam at Lindsay, which she denied) to Twitter fighting (Lindsay at Sam, rarely coherently).

"Sam wanted to distance herself from Lindsay when they split up," a confidant told People magazine back in July. "But Sam never stopped caring. She genuinely cares about Lindsay and just wants to see her get better."

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