Babes on board!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux continued their romantic European tour with a sexy five-day vacation to Capri and spent time relaxing together in the sun.

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The couple arrived on June 17 to the JK Place hotel in Marina Grande and rarely even left their $3,750-a-night room, except for a boat tour on June 19. Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 40, flaunted their toned torsos on the deck of the Liberty of Lymington, which rents for $17,555 a week.

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The entire getaway was dreamed up by Aniston, says a Theroux insider, "to take Justin to some of her favorite places." They began their sojourn in Paris on June 10, following by a few days in Rome.

"She and Justin are extremely happy with where they are right now," says a confidant of the actress, "and in it for the long haul."

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And their relationship is thriving, says the confidant, "because they want the same things."

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